Oct 23 – Nov 21


It may feel good to follow your heart, but right now, letting your feelings guide your actions is more than a little problematic. Ask for a reality check from a smart, level-headed friend.

You're playing very well with others at the beginning of the week and inevitably charming the socks off your sweetie or a sweetie-to-be. Plans you make now also bode well, so book your (burning hot) weekend-to-come accordingly. Sometime Wednesday, some conflict begins to occur – whether in your own heart or of the external variety – so seriously consider whether you're being as open to new ideas as humanly possible, and laugh hard to loosen up. Oh, and that burning hot weekend? It starts early (hurrah!) on Friday afternoon, and it'll be even hotter if you get creative about it.

This month is filled with surprises for Scorpio, as a truly romantic aspect on January 3 gets things started in the right direction. Single Scorpios may be surprised and a little rattled by how strong their feelings are for someone new. Try to balance them with your excitement about meeting someone wonderful.

On the sixth, two powerful aspects could make your communication a little more colorful than usual. Go with the flow, and you may find that you’re pretty funny.

Those already with a significant other in their lives can look forward to January 8, when your ego may be soaring with all the compliments you’re receiving! Whatever you’re doing, it’s working, because you can’t stop thinking about each other and other couples want to know your secret.

On the ninth, your famously sensual sign is about to get a little hotter with the arrival of two smoking aspects. As you show your special someone how much you care, leave room for January 15, when another lucky aspect may have you making even more promises to each other.

On the nineteenth, make sure you’re telling the whole truth lest you be discovered in a lie. By the lunar eclipse of the month’s last day, you’re ready for even more fun.

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