Jul 23 – Aug 22


Now and then, you get the feeling that absolutely nothing you do is going to go right – no matter how hard you try or how much recon you do in advance. This is definitely one of those times, so remember not to be too tough on yourself. It's not just you! Lots of people around the world are going through the same thing, or even worse. Like all things, this will pass.

The system is big and complicated, and it's important you don't get stuck somewhere in the middle. Make your intentions known at the week's start. This is your career you're talking about. You have more than a small stake in it. And it's not an act of arrogance to assert yourself, especially on Wednesday. (People who accuse others of arrogance are sometimes just experiencing a little emotion called jealousy.) The great thing is, your friends have your back. Spending some quality time with them later in the week is not a bad idea. They will restore your confidence and energy. You have an action-packed weekend ahead.

A Capricorn Venus-Pluto-Sun trio can help you switch gears from negative to positive on January 9, especially if you’re willing to keep an open mind. This combination exudes everything from warm loving feelings to strong personal power and beyond, so being able to stay flexible and go with whatever the moment provides is imperative to staying productive.

The great communicator Mercury is also in strict Capricorn as it merges with constrictive Saturn on the twelfth, so things get real serious real fast. Following the rules might not be the most fun, but coloring outside the lines (willfully) has its own set of unpleasant consequences. Mercury then merges with murky Pluto on January 24, when it could be amusing to hide in the shadows and see what people say about you when they think you aren’t around. Playing games on your own can be fun, but eventually, you’ll need to let someone else in on the rules.

The friendly Aquarius sun trines the airy Gemini moon on the twenty-seventh, creating a balancing effect. You can finally have some relaxed “ah” moments, when it’s nice to sit back and watch everything start to come together.

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